Revealing the
Hero within

Pimples happen, issue-prone skin is human, and it can often feel entirely out of our control. We are here to help put the power back in your hands. We create gentle, effective solutions that help your skin fight back; so you can open up, not cover up.

The Hero of this story is you, we’re here to help you reveal it – one solution at a time.

It started with a patch…

Hero Cosmetics brand began in 2017 when Ju Rhyu had yet another pimple emergency, and her sensitive skin had reached a breaking point with the harsh acids of the world. So, she went looking, and found her issue wasn’t just her issue – a lot of people felt just the same.​

The stripping, the purging, the resurfacing, the ‘wait two weeks’ before the redness goes away. There had to be an alternative.​

And so, the Mighty Patch pimple patch was born. A gentle hydrocolloid patch originally found in South Korea, that gently absorbs pimple gunk so you can wake up to clearer looking skin. Just a patch, and time.​

You’re already the hero of your own skin, we’re just here to help you reveal it.​

You have the power,
we have the tools

The true heroes are not the products we make, but the people we serve.

That’s you. It’s time to reveal the Hero within.